Saturday, September 24, 2005

Could anyone be more attractive?

Many people have tried and failed to be as attractive as Gordon Watts -the world's sexiest man. They have failed.

Noone could hope to achieve the olympian beauty of this God like man.

Gordon Watts vs Flash Gordon

People sometimes try to compare Gordon Watts with Flash Gordon. Fools!

Flash Gordon is a mere comic strip hero. Gordon Watts is a real man. A man who can. A man who will strive to show balance and presence of mind - whatever the circumstances. He is always level headed. He would never make cheap references to the Holocaust. Because he is Gordon. Gordon The Man.

Gordons sense of proportion

Some people might think that taking a request for minor admin priviledges on Wikipedia and comparing it to the Holocaust is inappropriate. Of course these people are wrong. Gordon's treatment on his "Request for Administrator" or RfA is in every way as bad and apalling as the Nazi genocide, as he himself makes clear:

"Do you know what killed a lot of innocent Jewish people in Germany in the 1930's and 1940's? No, it wasn't a sudden turn to evil; The German people, great and noble citizens, first started taking small shortcuts, like how they treated gypsies, handicapped, or communists, and when others saw that this was "wrong," do you know what they did? NOTHING. They simply "followed the crowd." Then, a little later, they seized the assets and homes of Jews and other "undesirables." MY POINT? Small mistakes and shortcuts, just "little" evils, led, eventually, to the most massive tragedy in modern history! So, the next time you scoff at me for criticising you for "following the crowd" instead of following JIMBO'S clear and plain "no big deal" policy, just remember: Evil habits led to evil actions, and you too, my friend, are human, and slide down the slippery slope downward. "It will never happen to me." That's what millions of honest, hardworking, educated Germans said, but guess what? IT HAPPENED TO THEM, and it can happen to anybody, you and me included -if we let it. Now, that being said, you would have reason to be offended if I were using the "holocaust" to help myself in my RfA application, but we know that is not true: My "holocaust" argument will likely decrease my RfA chances, but if it saves even one life, because someone listened and decided to not take a shortcut, then my action is worthwhile. (It is worthwhile anyhow, because that is the intent of my heart -to help prevent people from being lazy people who just do what they want; If you want the standards for Admin raised, then seek to change policy; I think that would be a good thing, but until then do not make RfA's an "inside clique.") Some may question my reaction, but if you are misquoted and libeled and subjected to a biased treatment, you will object too, so I am not doing anything extraordinary; I am merely being a little less lazy than the more recent RfA applicants who've failed, and trying to be more polite than them"

"Am I just a dumb country hick who doesn';t [sic] know how to use a computer? It's your move.--" Never was a truer word spoken. Gordon is a man who knows whats right and wrong.

Wise thoughts from Gordon:

Gordon speaks:

"First, they [Nazis] came for the Jews. I was silent. I was not a Jew. Then they came for the Communists. I was silent. I was not a Communist. Then they came for the trade unionists. I was silent. I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for me. There was no one left to speak for me." (Martin Niemoller, given credit for a quotation in The Harper Religious and Inspirational Quotation Companion, ed. Margaret Pepper (New York: Harper &Row, 1989), 429 -as cited on page 44, note 17, of Religious Cleansing in the American Republic, by Keith A. Fornier, Copyright 1993, by Liberty, Life, and Family Publications.
(Actually, they may not have come for the Jews first, as it's far more likely they came for the prisoners, mentally handicapped, and other so-called "inferiors" first -as historians tell us -so they could get "practiced up;" But, they did come for them -due to the silence of their neighbors -and due, in part, to their own silence. So the general idea is correct: "Speak up now, or forever hold your peace." --Gordon)

Never was a truer word spoken.